You deserve a springtime reward, yes You do!

It’s the time to free up some space for colors.

Throughout time,  flowers have been  one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add just a little bit of beauty and romance into our lives. However these days, we only wait for special occasions to buy flowers to someone or to ourselves. Did you know that by getting yourself flowers you brighten your day, lift your mood, show yourself that you actually care about your own happiness? Why not celebrate a special occasion these days  by sending  spring flowers?

We will be delighted to help you by sending the season’s freshest blooms that are not only affordable but at their peak, so they can be enjoyed for even longer. Feel free to choose among these joyful spring flowers:

  •      Peony
  •     Freesia
  •     Hyacinth
  •    Tulip

In case you want to put more thought into your surprise we are happy to enlighten you on what each flower symbolises :

The Peony is mainly known for representing ideas and values like:

Burgundy Peony
  • Honor, especially for people who are bringing honor to their entire family through success
  • Wealth and riches
  • Beauty in all forms

The beautiful Freesia symbolises:

  • Innocence
  • Trust
  • Friendship

The meaning of Hyacinth Flower varies with its color:

  • Purple – asking for forgiveness or symbolises deep regret
  • Yellow – yellow means jealousy in the world of hyacinths
  • White – means loveliness or prayers for someone

The beauty and grace of a simple Tulip has made it a symbol for:

  • Perfect, enduring love between partners or family members
  • Undying passionate love, whether the passion is spurned or returned
  • the 11th wedding anniversary
  • Charity and supporting the less fortunate

Now that you know more, feel free to contact us  and let us make your day better 😊


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