How to create a nice flower bouquet

1. Select the right flowers for the occasion. The most important factor to take into account is the color. In general, the central, dominant flowers shall set the main color for the bouquet and the smaller, side flowers shall highlight the main flowers with paler colors.

2. Select the colors carefully. Think of the different color tones and shades and make sure they are in harmony. Do not use too many colors as that can confuse the bouquet. If you want to use different kind of flowers try and match their colors.

3. Decide in advance what size of bouquet you want to create. The height and diameter of the bouquet will determine the height of the flowers you will require.

4. The final arrangement shall be determined by the number of flowers and type of flowers you want to use. The simplest and cleanest flower arrangements are circular shaped. In general, the largest, main flowers shall be in the center of the bouquet and all the smaller flowers are arranged around the main flowers in decreasing order. Make sure that one portion of the bouquet is not getting more crowded than another part.

5. Often take a step back and look at the bouquet from a distance. Don’t be afraid to rearrange the flowers. Experiment a lot, try out different techniques and most importantly enjoy the process.